Client Love

"While working with Carlee, I had a goal to build a healthier relationship with food and to lose weight in a healthy way. "

"Carlee was there for me to accomplish these goals.I have been working with Carlee for 10 months now and since day one she has been there for me as a resource and a friend. Working with her has made my clothes feel looser, has me cooking more and eating on a more balanced schedule. Carlee is compassionate, knowledgeable, and open minded and I highly recommend her to people who have struggled with weight loss in the past, especially who have dealt with relationship issues with food” -Sadie D. Age, 22

"During my first session with Carlee, I told her my three goals were losing weight, building a healthier relationship with food, and finding myself again."

"Carlee was able to help me work toward these goals by holding me accountable every step of the way, at any hour of the day, asking the right questions to better understand what my body needed, and motivating me to want to live a healthier life for myself. The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning the program has been learning what to put in my body and balancing my meals accordingly. I have not just lost weight, but I now have better eating habits and am more aware of my portion sizes. I highly recommend Carlee to individuals seeking accountability, support, and an overall healthier lifestyle.” -Julia Age, 25

"I'm so glad I made the decision to work with Carlee. When I came to her, I had obsessive, anxious, and unhealthy tendencies when it came to body image and my relationship with food. "

She shared resources, materials, support, and knowledge that helped me make strides in these areas and overall gave me a less anxious and more positive outlook on eating. When I needed anything I could count on her being just a call/text away, and even now after our sessions have ended I still use what I learned from her.- Ella, Age 30

"If anyone is looking towards mindfully changing their lives for the better and want to educate themselves to do so, then Carlee is the person to work with!” - T, Age 22

"The most significant change I have seen since doing Carlee's 6 month program is that I can now make mindful food choices."

"Carlee literally changed my life! I went into the program skeptical (of myself) because I knew I couldn't cut out the food I love or that I wasn't great when it came to trying new foods/recipes but that is the opposite of the outcome."

I was still able to enjoy all the food that I love to eat out while learning and better understanding how I can have a better balance of the food that I cook myself, substitute where doable, and have a better balance of my protein - which were all very easy things for me to adapt to. She was so encouraging and even still is. Carlee not only was an amazing mentor but a friend! She changed everything for me and gave me that confidence I need to feel better about the way I live life and look, especially ahead of a big event. I didn't realize how badly I needed this in my life and I wouldn't change a thing about our time together!” - Jess, Age 27

Carlee prepared each session we met with some type of education piece and I left knowing more than when we started. Her enthusiasm for what she does is clearly evident. Her one on one support really helped me after many failed attempts. I eat breakfast every morning now and feel like Carlee is whispering in my ear throughout the day. She certainly has made a positive difference in my life.”- Kathy

"I wholeheartedly would recommend Carlee, to anyone who wants to feel better, eat healthier and/or lose weight. "

I am more confident in myself and I accept who I am and what my body is capable of. Through the process, Carlee was nonjudgmental and puts the effort in to take care of those she works with. If you struggle with your body image or relationship with food, I highly recommend Carlee" - EO, Age 31

"The most significant change I noticed after working with Carlee is how I feel about the way I look and feel."

"I was extremely underweight when I reached out to Carlee. I wanted to gain weight in a healthy way and start eating foods that support a better lifestyles as well as create a healthier relationship with food and stress.Throughout my journey with Carlee, she was understanding, non-judgemental, supportive and held me accountable. I highly recommend Carlee to anyone who is wanting to change their current health, especially fixing their relationship with food and stress" - Jess W, Age 27

"Carlee worked with me to find specific solutions tailored specifically for me. She also helped me realize that the number on the scale doesn't always reflect the whole picture of health." 

"She tailors the work to each person, and doesn’t implement any super strict rules or diets which makes the journey so much more manageable and sustainable. Carlee helped to reinforce that it’s a really holistic experience, not just centered on weight but how you feel emotionally and mentally as well.” - Danika, Age 33

"I love Carlee’s customized and consultative approach. She tailors the work to each person, and doesn’t implement any super strict rules or diets which makes the journey so much more manageable and sustainable love Carlee’s customized and consultative approach. "

"I reached out to Carlee to help me with mindful eating, weight loss and creating a better relationship with food. She helped me by brainstorming healthy habits and helping me work through emotional eating."

With Carlee's genuine, creative and motivational approach, she helped me gain such a better relationship with food. - Jenny, Age 34

"The biggest change I have seen with carlee has been my energy levels!! Before starting to work with Carlee I was constantly tired."

"As we healed my gut I felt the difference. I got a little sick after we started working together but it was a perfect opportunity for me to see how much better I was actually feeling and realize the progress I had made in a short amount of time". - Haley, Age 23

"She was able to change my mindset and focus on building good, healthy habits. Even when I have a slip up, Carlee is always there to guide me. It is encouraging to have a coach who helps you nurture your soul to understand that it's okay to have a bump in the road, and to just keep trying. Carlee is nothing short of amazing. She is supporting, caring, kind and always understanding. Through working with her, I not only have access to an expert who really knows her stuff, but I have made a beautiful friend as well. I highly recommend Carlee to anyone who is dedicated to changing their lifestyle and habits.” -Tessa D, Age 32

"Carlee was able to help me work towards my goals by providing tactics to help me change my habits, as well as close counsel and tough love when needed."

Looking at ingredients and realizing that less ingredients is better. Although I may not be perfect all the time, making me aware has made me make better choices. I signed up for Carlees program to help me eat healthy, lose weight and feel better and she helped me achieve all three of these!” -K, Age 61

“After many years of unsuccessful diets - WW, Noom and Optavia, Carlee taught me the importance of clean eating."